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Nimo recruiting for growth in Finland

Kim Caravitis, Nimo’s new salesman in Finland Nimo intends to increase its presence and market share in Finland through its newly recruited salesman, Kim Caravitis. The goal is to convince the Finnish people of all the advantages drying cabinets provide. “Initially, we’ll be promoting Nimo’s most energy-efficient drying cabinet – ECO Dryer 2.0 HP – […]

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Estonia first with exclusive Nimo distribution

Nimo has signed a contract making Profiseadmete OÜ the exclusive sales representative and distributor for Nimo’s brand and products in Estonia. This is the drying cabinet company’s next step in the campaign to intensify its international presence based on local market knowledge. “There is already a great deal of knowledge about drying cabinets as a […]

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The environmental technology behind Nimo’s new D17 series

Nimo will soon launch the first drying cabinet ever to boast both ECO and Turbo settings has along with greater capacity and an unprecedently efficient drying technology. These are just some of the many new features on tap as the world’s biggest drying cabinet manufacturer gets ready to release its brand-new product line. “It started […]

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Drying cabinets new energy saver for Swedish capital

Stockholm has during the last year invested in over 1,000 of Nimos energy efficient drying cabinets with the latest environmental technology. The investment is part of the city’s efforts to reduce energy consumption and the drying cabinets are installed in the city’s many preschools.

– Stockholm see the long-term value of investing in energy saving solutions such as our drying cabinets. The Swedish Energy Agency has previously stated that Sweden’s preschools together can save up to 3 million euros per year in electricity bills by installing drying cabinets with a dehumidifier or a heat pump, says Timo Taiminen, CEO of Nimo.

Last year, Stockholm adopted a new environmental program with one aim being to reduce energy consumption. Upgrading drying cabinets in schools is one of several investment measures.

– There are around 600 preschools throughout Stockholm. The more drying cabinets that are replaced by our heat pump powered model, the more energy and money is saved.

In addition to saving energy, Nimo’s heat pump powered drying cabinets also greatly improve the indoor environment for both the children and the staff.

– Our drying cabinets are closed systems and release much less heat than older models. They can be placed anywhere without the need for ventilation.

Stockholm is not the first municipality to invest in Nimos drying cabinets. The city of Gävle bought over 500 drying cabinets after their own calculations showed that each unit pays off within two years on account of the energy reduction.

– The public sector and Sweden’s municipalities is a customer group that keeps growing for us, and we predict more to come in the near future, says Timo Taiminen.

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