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Nimo recruiting for growth in Finland

Kim Caravitis, Nimo’s new salesman in Finland Nimo intends to increase its presence and market share in Finland through its newly recruited salesman, Kim Caravitis. The goal is to convince the Finnish people of all the advantages drying cabinets provide. “Initially, we’ll be promoting Nimo’s most energy-efficient drying cabinet – ECO Dryer 2.0 HP – […]

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Estonia first with exclusive Nimo distribution

Nimo has signed a contract making Profiseadmete OÜ the exclusive sales representative and distributor for Nimo’s brand and products in Estonia. This is the drying cabinet company’s next step in the campaign to intensify its international presence based on local market knowledge. “There is already a great deal of knowledge about drying cabinets as a […]

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The environmental technology behind Nimo’s new D17 series

Nimo will soon launch the first drying cabinet ever to boast both ECO and Turbo settings has along with greater capacity and an unprecedently efficient drying technology. These are just some of the many new features on tap as the world’s biggest drying cabinet manufacturer gets ready to release its brand-new product line. “It started […]

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Swedish drying cabinets are world-leading thanks to Nimo’s environmental technology

“Interest in energy saving environmental technology is increasing all over the world, and this means that demand for our products is also growing”, says Nimo MD Timo Taiminen.  Photo: Owe Hermansson, Mariestads-Tidningen.

Nimo’s drying cabinets with the latest environmental technology can be found in many countries, including China, Russia, South Korea and Australia. As an OEM manufacturer and subcontractor, Nimo’s energy saving products can be found over almost the entire world.

“We have grown internationally over a long period. 15 years ago we entered into a collaboration with Whirlpool in the USA and since then we have expanded across the whole world. As an OEM manufacturer with high-quality Swedish products, we can reach a global market”, says Nimo’s MD Timo Taiminen.

Nimo’s drying cabinets with the company’s own heat pump technology are sold all over the world, both under worldwide and local brands. As an OEM actor, Nimo can focus on product and technological development and simultaneously compete on the global market.

“In South Korea, we sell under our own brand, but in the rest of the world we sell as an OEM. This is a major advantage because then we can focus completely on the development of new energy saving technology. Because we collaborate with the biggest brands in each country, we still have a strong market position across the whole world.

Resellers in different parts of the world have different requirements, for example in terms of performance and product design, something that Nimo has grasped thoroughly in its technology and product development.

“On the basis of a dialogue with our collaboration partners and resellers, we design drying cabinets that fulfil their requirements. In order for our products to work in a number of different countries, we invest a wide range of resources in adapting them, depending on the market.

As the leader drying cabinet manufacturer and supplier in the world, Nimo’s objective is to continue to expand and develop energy saving technology and products which will drive the drying cabinet market forwards.

“Interest in environmental technology is increasing and so is demand for our products. And our drying cabinets have significantly longer lifetimes than other alternatives, which produces a low life cycle cost. We have a number of international contracts on the way and we are now working to secure these”, says Nimo’s MD Timo Taiminen.

Nimo’s environmental products are sold in countries including: China, Russia, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, the USA, the Balkans, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, France, the UK and New Zealand.

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Timo Taiminen, MD Nimo, 46 (0) 506-488 05, timo.taiminen@nimoverken.com
Magnus Sjöbäck, press officer Nimo, 46 (0) 70-445 15 99, magnus.sjoback@nimoverken.com

Nimo offers energy efficient drying cabinets , sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers in the Nordic region. The business started in 1944, has a turnover of SEK 180 million and currently employs 100 dedicated staff. Nimos factory is located in Hova, Sweden. www.nimoverken.com