Sustainable Drying

New clothes – every wash

In the laundry room, clothing is king. This is where every garment is given new life, over and over and over again. Nimo enhances your laundry room with modern design and energy-saving solutions.

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Drying cabinet

Gentle and energy-efficient

At Nimo, we have developed and built drying cabinets since 1961 – always with one eye on the future. Nimo’s modern drying cabinets offer both fast and gentle drying, with lower energy consumption than any other alternative on the market. Read more about our drying cabinets here.

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Ironing board cabinets

Attractive and flexible

Open the cabinet, lower the ironing board and set it in the working position that best suits you. IronMaid is both attractive as a piece of furniture and practical for your ironing needs.

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Utility sinks

A reliable servant

Our utility sinks are constructed of high-quality materials and have carefully designed details to fit into the majority of environments.

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Nimo's Product Brochure

Drying cabinets, utility sinks, ironing board cabinets…

Nimo presents the widest range of energy-efficient drying cabinets, ironing board cabinets, utility sinks and dehumidifiers. In the brochure you can read all about the products.

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