Frågor & Svar

Vanliga frågor och svar om våra torkskåp


The display shows an alarm message, e.g. Error 4

Reset the alarm by depressing the Start/stop button for 5 seconds. If the alarm remains, call a service technician.

How often must the filter be cleaned?

Ideally after every drying process.

The drying cabinet doesn’t work

Check that:
– the plug is inserted in the wall outlet
– no fuses have tripped
– the start button is activated
– the door is closed
– the tank is empty

The display shows Empty water tank

– Empty the water tank
– Check that the cap is fitted so that the float arm protrudes from the opening.
– Check that the water tank is turned inwards in the drawer and correctly inserted.
– If the cabinet still doesn’t work, contact a service technician.

The door doesn’t seal correctly/gapes

– Check that the cabinet is level. Check with a spirit level and adjust the cabinet feet if necessary.
– Check that the filter and its holder are correctly installed. The holder should be pressed down towards the underlying heat pump unit in order to seal correctly.
– Check that no leaves, gravel etc. have become caught beneath the filter holder, preventing it from sealing correctly.

The laundry doesn’t dry

– Check that the right programme was selected (Extra dry, Thicker garments, Normal dry, Normal garments).
– Check that the laundry is evenly divided on the hangers
– Adjust parameters 2072 and 2071 according to the Parameter Adjustment chapter in the user manual.