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Kadri Freiberg

Estonia discovers Swedish drying cabinets

Kadri Freiberg, sales director at Profiseadmete OÜ, Nimo’s distributor in Estonia. The international sales initiative that began last year under Nimo’s own brand gave immediate results. During the year, the company’s sales representative in Estonia – Profiseadmete OÜ – sold more than 450 drying cabinets. “The sales increase is primarily due to the attention Nimo’s […]

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Kim Caravitis Finland

Nimo recruiting for growth in Finland

Kim Caravitis, Nimo’s new salesman in Finland Nimo intends to increase its presence and market share in Finland through its newly recruited salesman, Kim Caravitis. The goal is to convince the Finnish people of all the advantages drying cabinets provide. “Initially, we’ll be promoting Nimo’s most energy-efficient drying cabinet – ECO Dryer 2.0 HP – […]

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David Larsson, dubblad orderstock

Estonia first with exclusive Nimo distribution

Nimo has signed a contract making Profiseadmete OÜ the exclusive sales representative and distributor for Nimo’s brand and products in Estonia. This is the drying cabinet company’s next step in the campaign to intensify its international presence based on local market knowledge.

There is already a great deal of knowledge about drying cabinets as a product and appliance in Estonia. Through local distributors and sales agents with extensive knowledge of the market, we can have active representation exactly where we need it, says David Larsson, Nimo’s marketing manager.

For a number of years, Nimo has been delivering drying cabinets all over the world. Now the company is intensifying its presence In Estonia, sales activity is in full swing.

“There’s enormous market potential for Nimo in Estonia and the other Baltic countries. We have already almost achieved our sales forecast for the whole of 2018”, says Kadri Freiberg, sales manager of Profiseadmete OÜ, Nimo’s distributor in Estonia.

“We have intensified our focus on reinforcing the company’s international distribution and sales. One successful approach is partnership with exclusive distributors and local sales agents,“ says David Larsson.

David Larsson continues, “In Estonia we have chosen to work with Profiseadmete as our exclusive distributor, because they have broad knowledge of the laundry equipment market and the various target customer groups in the region. This means that we can get much closer to the market and the consumer”.

Nimo’s target in Estonia is to increase the drying cabinet market and simultaneously to achieve a market leading position.

“We believe in the Baltic market as a whole, and it’s going to be very exciting to see how things develop in Estonia”, says David Larsson.

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