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New report: In preschools, this Swedish drying cabinet can inactivate viruses

The classic drying cabinet from Swedish manufacturer Nimo can now add an unexpected area of use that may benefit the preschools’ activities. The heat in a specific drying cabinet can make certain viruses on textiles no longer contagious. According to a study carried out by the Swedish Research Institute, RISE, on behalf of Nimo, it was established that with the right handling, both the common norovirus (winter vomiting disease) and Sars-CoV-2 (corona) are inactivated by the heat in Nimo’s drying cabinet Easy Dryer 1900.

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CEO Karin Kruse’s first year: We stand prepared in 2021

The plan had been finalized. Then the pandemic came. During her first year as CEO for the world’s greatest drying cabinet manufacturers, Karin Kruse has been forced to navigate in unpredictable global times and simultaneously needed to adapt herself to a calmer local mentality. Now, Nimo’s CEO has kicked off a number of initiatives in 2021 filled with expansions, digitalization, and continuous work for sustainable textile management.

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Launching a new generation of Swedish-made, energy-efficient drying cabinets

This October will see the launch of a new generation of Swedish-made drying cabinets that have more capacity and more efficient drying technology than previous generations. Nimo has already booked a number of orders for the two latest models – Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer – from both Swedish and international customers. “We see great […]

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Major order for Nimo from Korean luxury housing projects

Swedish industrial company Nimo is the world’s largest drying cabinet manufacturer. The market outside Scandinavia hasn’t been particularly large-scale so far, with South Korea being the outstanding exception. Two lavish residential projects in Busan City and Seoul has acknowledged the many benefits of Nimo’s products, and an order of 1,500 units for installation in the newly built luxury apartments has been made. The order brings the total number of Nimo-delivered drying cabinets to South Korea to 10,000.

– This is an enormous success for us, and it confirms that our drying cabinets has a natural place in modern laundry rooms, says Timo Taiminen, MD of Nimo.

Nimo is the world’s largest manufacturer of drying cabinets and develops energy-efficient products for the professional market and, through external brands, end consumers. Their market consists primarily of the Nordic countries, but there are exceptions. South Korea is often said to be a country positioned at the technological forefront, and has proven to be an interesting export market for the Swedish industrial company.

– The South Korean market is incredibly competitive. High-tech appliances are highly valued by the customers. The drying cabinet is a niche product and will probably not reach the same popularity as the tumble dryer. But due to the environmentally friendly and energy saving qualities of our products, the exporting side can become an increasingly important part of our company’s turnover, says Timo Taiminen.

Nimo has delivered 10,000 units to South Korea, with the first order made back in 2002. The newly placed order consists of 1,500 units of various product models.

– Despite South Korea not being a key market for us at the moment, we believe there’ll be several more major orders in the future, which in turn will grow our market share, says Timo Taiminen.

Nimo’s distributor in South Korea, Jang Deug Park, says that the Korean customers are seeing the benefits and advantages of the Swedish drying cabinets more and more – the unique design, their extensive durability along with the low energy consumption.

– Our strategy to process the market profitably is to take part in new construction projects such as the ones in Busan City and Seoul, but also in the many upcoming rebuilding projects around the country. There are millions of houses in need of rebuilding. Nimo’s goal in South Korea is to triple our sales, says Jang Deug Park, Nimo’s sales distributor in South Korea.

Nimo has sold 10,000drying cabinets to South Korea, and is now delivering another 1,500 units to luxury housing projects in Busan City and Seoul. 

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Nimo offers energy efficient drying cabinets , sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers in the Nordic region. The business started in 1944, has a turnover of SEK 180 million and currently employs 100 dedicated staff. Nimos factory is located in Hova, Sweden. www.nimoverken.com