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New report: In preschools, this Swedish drying cabinet can inactivate viruses

The classic drying cabinet from Swedish manufacturer Nimo can now add an unexpected area of use that may benefit the preschools’ activities. The heat in a specific drying cabinet can make certain viruses on textiles no longer contagious. According to a study carried out by the Swedish Research Institute, RISE, on behalf of Nimo, it was established that with the right handling, both the common norovirus (winter vomiting disease) and Sars-CoV-2 (corona) are inactivated by the heat in Nimo’s drying cabinet Easy Dryer 1900.

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CEO Karin Kruse’s first year: We stand prepared in 2021

The plan had been finalized. Then the pandemic came. During her first year as CEO for the world’s greatest drying cabinet manufacturers, Karin Kruse has been forced to navigate in unpredictable global times and simultaneously needed to adapt herself to a calmer local mentality. Now, Nimo’s CEO has kicked off a number of initiatives in 2021 filled with expansions, digitalization, and continuous work for sustainable textile management.

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Launching a new generation of Swedish-made, energy-efficient drying cabinets

This October will see the launch of a new generation of Swedish-made drying cabinets that have more capacity and more efficient drying technology than previous generations. Nimo has already booked a number of orders for the two latest models – Sensor Dryer and Easy Dryer – from both Swedish and international customers. “We see great […]

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Swedish drying cabinet outperforms competitors

The Swedish Energy Agency: “Nimo can save our schools millions”

Industry company Nimo’s latest product launch, the heat pump powered Eco Dryer HP 2.0, which is also sold by Cylinda and Miele, has been put to the test by the Swedish Energy Agency. The Agency found a major technological leap for drying cabinets in general, and that Swedish schools can save up to 29 million SEK each year in utility bills with the new technology. In addition, Nimo’s cabinets stood out on several different test points.

– The Energy Agency work on the behalf of the Swedish government and is an independent reviewer with high credibility and authority on our market. The fact that their test show that our product is conserving much more power, drying the laundry twice as fast and emitting half as much heat and moisture as our competitors really demonstrates our leading position, says Andreas Bjelkholm, marketing director at Nimo.

Nimo develops and manufactures energy-efficient drying cabinets for the professional market and, through external brands, end consumers. The Swedish Energy Agency, which convey knowledge and information regarding efficient energy use has recently released their test results on several new drying cabinet models powered by modern technology. Eco Dryer HP 2.0, developed and manufactured by Nimo and sold by Cylinda and Miele was one of the tested products.

– It’s a great feeling receiving these amazing results from The Energy Agency’s test. We’ve been developing the heat pump powered Eco Dryer HP 2.0 with the vision of a drying cabinet with a far superior energy-efficiency. Our starting point has always been the performance standards of our customers; short drying times, low power consumption and easy installation at a good price, says Andreas Bjelkholm.

Eco Dryer HP 2.0 dries a full load of laundry in only two hours, compared to the other tested cabinet which required four hours. Nimo’s product is in addition a completely enclosed system with a condensing efficiency of 78 percent. Therefore there’s no need for ventilation in the room where the cabinet is installed. If drying cabinets were labeled according to EU standards and with the same requirements as for dryers, the test results shows that the Eco Dryer HP 2.0 would be labeled Energy Class A.

– The tested products are 45-48 percent more efficient compared to cabinets based on older technology. Drying cabinets are practical in schools and pre-schools, since it can dry wet clothes without them necessarily being washed first, says Helena Nilsson, test manager at The Swedish Energy Agency.

Cylinda, who markets and sells Nimos cabinet under the product name Cylinda TS 190 VP ECO welcomes the test results which shows that drying cabinets now has undergone the same technology progress as other appliances regarding energy efficiency and market requirements.

– The fact that our cabinet is highlighted as a significant source of energy saving is a big step forward. It’s a practical utility product that helps smoothen our customers’ everyday life. Cylinda’s focus has always been to meet our customers every day demands with energy-efficient products with cutting edge technology.

The heat pump powered Eco Dryer HP 2.0 has been on the market for one year, it was launched in the spring of 2013. So far more than 1,500 units has been sold, and the demand keeps increasing.

– We’re going to spread the good news from The Swedish Energy Agency to the public and to Sweden’s municipalities. Our factory is already working under pressure, and now we’ll hopefully be even busier, says Andreas Bjelkholm, marketing director at Nimo.

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Nimo offers energy efficient drying cabinets , sinks and technical accessories for the laundry room to retailers, wholesalers and consumers in the Nordic region. The business started in 1944, has a turnover of SEK 180 million and currently employs 100 dedicated staff. Nimos factory is located in Hova, Sweden. www.nimoverken.com