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Kadri Freiberg

Estonia discovers Swedish drying cabinets

Kadri Freiberg, sales director at Profiseadmete OÜ, Nimo’s distributor in Estonia. The international sales initiative that began last year under Nimo’s own brand gave immediate results. During the year, the company’s sales representative in Estonia – Profiseadmete OÜ – sold more than 450 drying cabinets. “The sales increase is primarily due to the attention Nimo’s […]

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Kim Caravitis Finland

Nimo recruiting for growth in Finland

Kim Caravitis, Nimo’s new salesman in Finland Nimo intends to increase its presence and market share in Finland through its newly recruited salesman, Kim Caravitis. The goal is to convince the Finnish people of all the advantages drying cabinets provide. “Initially, we’ll be promoting Nimo’s most energy-efficient drying cabinet – ECO Dryer 2.0 HP – […]

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The environmental technology behind Nimo’s new D17 series

Nimo will soon launch the first drying cabinet ever to boast both ECO and Turbo settings has along with greater capacity and an unprecedently efficient drying technology. These are just some of the many new features on tap as the world’s biggest drying cabinet manufacturer gets ready to release its brand-new product line.

“It started with a vision of developing a new market-leading premium drying cabinet. And we’ve succeeded in doing just that. We analysed the nuts and bolts of previous generations of drying cabinets and listened carefully to various survey groups to find out exactly what the market needs and wants,” says Jan-Åke Östlin, technology director at Nimo.

The two models in the new product series have more new functions and settings than any other drying cabinet in the market. The D17 series features technology that makes drying more efficient and increases capacity through a whole new air flow concept.

“In most dryer cabinets, hot air travels down the centre, between hangers. In that scenario, if you hang a lot of clothes or if you place a garment over the centre space, you’re blocking the air flow and impeding circulation. That is common in preschools where a lot of garments are dried more or less constantly.”“In our new models, the airflow travels up the rear of the drying cabinet. This lets the air circulate regardless of the amount of clothes hung in there while it makes space for more hangers. In other words, you can hang more clothes without affecting the drying process.

ECO and Turbo

In addition to the regular manual and auto settings, the D17 models feature two separate ECO and one turbo settings.

“There are no energy ratings for drying cabinets yet. We have therefore developed an ECO setting to match the A energy rating and an ECO Plus setting that corresponds to the A+++ energy rating. The ECO Plus setting means that only the fan is on. That can be likened to drying your clothes outside but without the risk of sun bleaching or exposure to exhaust and pollen.

“The Turbo setting is designed for people in a hurry, who need their clothes dried fast but who want to reduce wear and tear on their garments. The Turbo function provides our consumers with the briefest drying time in a drying cabinet,” says Östlin.

With the D17 series, Nimo has taken yet another step on the road to a vastly more effective and energy-efficient drying solution for households and large laundries.

“The D17 is a great leap forward for both Nimo and for the drying cabinet market. We’ll remain in the vanguard by developing products for the laundry room that are gentle to both clothes and the environment,” says Timo Taiminen, Nimo’s Managing Director.



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