Drying Cabinet ECO Dryer 2.0 HP Titanium

The ECO Dryer 2.0 HP is by far the market’s most effective, quietest and most energy-efficient drying cabinet. And it’s also extremely attractive! Three rows of collapsible, pull-out hangers, plus double glove rack on the inside of the door.

Our new drying cabinet uses heat pump technology to achieve even more effective and gentler drying while achieving still greater energy savings – and an even lower noise level which makes it as quiet as a modern refrigerator. And you save up to 65% of energy compared to a normal manual drying cabinet.

Dimensions H x W x D
1930 x 595 x 675 mm

95 kg

  • Energy-efficient heat pump technology
  • Quiet
  • Requires no extract air ventilation
  • Two fully automatic programmes
Dimensions H x W x D 1930 x 595 x 675 mm
Weight 95 kg
Protection class IP24, SEMKO and CE approved
Capacity Hanging length 16 metres, normal load 4 kg
Noise level 52 db(A) – in principle no louder than a refrigerator
Electrical connection Connect to normal wall outlet, one phase 230 V 10 A
Quick drying Up to 22 g water per minute
Energy consumption 1.3 kWh with normal load (4 kg). Down to 0.28 kWh/kg with maximum load (8 kg)
Connection Requires no extract air ventilation
Door hanging left Art. no.: 65110100, RSK no.: 8035860, E no.: 9200002
Door hanging right Art. no.: 65120100, RSK no.: 8035865, E no.: 9200003

The display shows an alarm message, e.g. Error 4

Reset the alarm by depressing the Start/stop button for 5 seconds. If the alarm remains, call a service technician.

How often must the filter be cleaned?

Ideally after every drying process.

The drying cabinet doesn’t work

Check that:
– the plug is inserted in the wall outlet
– no fuses have tripped
– the start button is activated
– the door is closed
– the tank is empty

The display shows Empty water tank

– Empty the water tank
– Check that the cap is fitted so that the float arm protrudes from the opening.
– Check that the water tank is turned inwards in the drawer and correctly inserted.
– If the cabinet still doesn’t work, contact a service technician.

The door doesn’t seal correctly/gapes

– Check that the cabinet is level. Check with a spirit level and adjust the cabinet feet if necessary.
– Check that the filter and its holder are correctly installed. The holder should be pressed down towards the underlying heat pump unit in order to seal correctly.
– Check that no leaves, gravel etc. have become caught beneath the filter holder, preventing it from sealing correctly.

The laundry doesn’t dry

– Check that the right programme was selected (Extra dry, Thicker garments, Normal dry, Normal garments).
– Check that the laundry is evenly divided on the hangers
– Adjust parameters 2072 and 2071 according to the Parameter Adjustment chapter in the user manual.



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