Drying Cabinet ETS 1500 White

Wall-mounted drying cabinet for smaller spaces, for example above the washing machine. Height-adjustable hanger system provides a comfortable working height. Timer-controlled fan, stepless heating.

Dimensions H x W x D
1435 x 595 x 610 mm

60 kg

  • Timer-controlled fan
  • Stepless heating
Dimensions H x W x D 1435 x 595 x 615 mm
Weight 60 kg
Protection class IP24, SEMKO and CE approved
Capacity Hanging length 16 metres, volume approx. 4 kg
Noise level Below 60 dB(A)
Electrical connection One phase 230 V 10 A, heater power 1500 W, motor 35 W with overheat protection
Fan capacity 180 m³ of which 25% is evacuated
Drying system Extract air. Supplied with ventilation connections
Door hanging left Art. no.: 63110100, RSK no.: 8035846, E no.: 9295156
Door hanging right Art. no.: 63120100, RSK no.: 8035847, E no.: 9295157

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