Drying Cabinet Sensor Dryer 1900 Black

Quick & energy efficient, for gentle clothing care.

The sensor technology cuts energy consumption with 40%, compared to traditional drying cabinets, and up to 85% with the unique ECO + program. The built-in sensor shuts off the drying process as soon as the clothes are dry – automatically! You also have the possibility of manual timer control. The drying cabinet is equipped with three rows of foldable and pull-out hangers as well as three door hangers on the inside of the door.

Dimensions H x W x D
1900 x 595 x 610 mm

61 kg

  • Energy-efficient & practical
  • 6 kg drying capacity
  • 6 automatic programmes
  • 16 m hang length
  • 2 kw heating element
  • Robust design
  • Digital display
Dimensions H x W x D 1900 X 595 X 610 mm
Weight 61 kg
Capacity Up to 6,0 kg laundry (cotton)
Hang length 16 meters
Energy consumption 0,4 kWh with normal load (4 kg) with the Auto Eco+ program
Electrical connection 1-phase 230 V, 50-60 Hz. 10 A
Motor 38 W
Element power 2 000 W
Fan capacity 184 m³/h
Overheat protection Yes
Door hanging left Art.no: 62211101, RSK-no: 8035729, E-no: 9200059
Door hanging right Art.nr: 62221101, RSK-nr: 8035730, E-no: 9200060

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