Drying cabinets

Energy-efficient drying cabinets for your laundry room

A drying cabinet dries everything from wet shoes and dirty children’s snowsuits to your most delicate garments. Nimo’s drying cabinet with ECO Dryer technology has a built-in humidity sensor which shuts off the unit when the clothes are dry.
Our very latest drying cabinet with heat pump technology, ECO Dryer 2.0 HP, goes even further and offers the market’s most energy-efficient way of drying wet laundry. It has even won awards for “Lowest price per dry” and “Most electrical energy-efficient drying equipment”.

The modern design fits in perfectly with the latest trends in white goods, kitchens and bathrooms. With a high-quality feel, elegant lines and a durable finish in classic white, modern titanium or luxurious black, the outside promises what the inside delivers.