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Nimo rekrytoi kasvaakseen Suomessa

Kim Caravitis, Nimon uusi myyjä Suomessa Nimo lisää näkyvyyttään ja markkinaosuuttaan Suomen markkinoilla juuri rekrytoidun myyjänsä, Kim Caravitiksen avulla. Tavoitteena on vakuuttaa suomalaiset kuivauskaappien kaikista eduista. – Aluksi tarkoituksenamme on esitellä Nimon energiatehokkain kuivauskaappimalli ECO Dryer 2.0 HP, koska kiinnostus ekologisiin kodinkoneisiin on Suomessa voimakkaassa kasvussa. Lisäksi Nimon tuotteet ovat laadultaan markkinoiden parhaita, sanoo Kim […]

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Estonia first with exclusive Nimo distribution

Nimo has signed a contract making Profiseadmete OÜ the exclusive sales representative and distributor for Nimo’s brand and products in Estonia. This is the drying cabinet company’s next step in the campaign to intensify its international presence based on local market knowledge. “There is already a great deal of knowledge about drying cabinets as a […]

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“A whole new generation of energy-efficient drying cabinets developed in Sweden”

It started in a garage 70 years ago when Nimo developed stainless products, such as washing troughs and laundry bins. Today, the company – situated in scenic Hova in western Sweden – manufactures and supplies more than 20,000 eco-friendly drying cabinets each year. R&D efforts have been undertaken to produce a whole new generation of energy-efficient drying cabinets designed to transform the world.

“Nimo was a pioneer already back in the ‘60’s when we started manufacturing drying cabinets.  The spirit of innovation is alive and well and led us to develop drying cabinets with heat pump technology. Drying cabinets have always been a textile-friendly and sustainable way to dry clothes. That’s not enough for us. And with the new D17 series, we’ve set the bar quite a bit higher,” says Timo Taiminen, Managing Director of Nimo.

Ten years ago, Nimo set out to focus on energy-efficient drying technology with the goal of becoming the biggest in the world. The objective was to create the most energy-efficient, effective, and eco-friendly drying cabinets ever to reach the market.

Nimo’s ECO Dryer products, launched in 2012, revolutionized the market and cemented Nimo’s position as the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of drying cabinets. Nimo is currently engaged in a new paradigm shift. A year ago, the company initiated development on its next generation of drying cabinets at its factory in Hova. It is a challenge but one that the company’s managing director Timo Taiminen embraces as both an obligation and a necessity.”

“As the leading drying cabinet manufacturer in the world, it’s our responsibility to continue to push the boundaries of technological progress. When we launched our patented heat-pump technology five years ago, the market was reminded of the potential and benefits of drying cabinets. We are now taking the next steps with our technology and product development.”

Home in Hova

Since the 1960’s, all of Nimo’s manufacturing and production development has taken place in Hova, which has a population of about 1,250. More than 100 employees come to work every day at the production facility and are involved in everything from design and production to administration and sales.

“Nimo delivers products almost all over the world. But, essentially, we’re a Hova company – and that’s how it’ll stay. This is where all our expertise and experience are located. And this is also where all that expertise and technological know-how will bring our next generation of dryer technology to the market.  We have a staff of extremely knowledgeable engineers and designers who are driving the R&D and the project, and they are the primary reason we’re a world leader in the drying cabinet market.”

Energy-saving technology

Designing a new product built for every-day use, while being one of the market’s most energy-efficient alternatives and being able to compete on cost place incredibly high demands on the entire R&D process.

“Developing a new generation of drying cabinets is a massive project that involves the entire company and that takes a couple of years from start to finish.

A great deal of the work on the D17 series has so far been devoted to produce a new design, assembly, and user interface. A number of different prototypes will be put to the test and evaluated already this autumn and the winter of 2017 under rough and tough conditions.

“This is an incredibly exacting and careful process, and a lot of time and effort are spent on getting those calculations, tests, and assessments right. But, since it allows us to map out areas for development and improvement, it is a valuable and absolutely vital process.

“Over the past ten years, we have led technology and product development within dryer solutions both in Sweden and internationally with the goal of creating products for a sustainable future. And that’s what drives Nimo’s new R&D project forward – our shared ambition to design top-quality products that contribute to a more energy-efficient world.


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