Olga – new designer at Nimo

Olga Rydevald has a solid background as a mechanical engineer with a focus on production engineering.
At Nimo, her role as a designer will be to work on the company's product development, with a particular focus on caring for clothes so that they last longer.
“I'm really looking forward to having a whole team of colleagues with whom I can bounce ideas," says Olga Rydevald, new designer at Nimo.

Olga comes from a position as a design engineer at Åkerstedts Verkstads AB in Kvänum. There she worked with various customised solutions of industrial fans. Over the years, she has also designed and developed air handling units and microwave ovens for various industries. Now the focus is on contributing to the environmental and sustainability work at Nimo.

“At Nimo, I will be developing a new generation of washbasins and drying cabinets. At the moment we are in a start-up phase, I am handling deviations and working on improving existing products to be able to drive further development. However, I am also involved in an exciting new project.

Olga found Nimo through contacts who gave a positive image of the company and when she heard that Nimo was looking for a designer, she applied for the position.

“When I read about the company and its values, it resonated with me immediately.” At Nimo, all employees are open and helpful towards each other, we all contribute to the well-being at work.

In addition to being involved in the development of Nimo’s new products, Olga wants to contribute with her experience of creating structure in development work and projects.

“For me, order is important. I hope to be able to help us work in an even more structured way with product care. That is, how we work with traceability and history, to make it possible to follow up. In this way, we make the work easier, more efficient and more sustainable in all aspects,” says Olga Rydevald, designer.

This is Olga
Title: Designer
Age: 51 years old
Resides in: Skövde.