The creation of the textile care solutions of the future - NIMO's innovative ideas and concepts

When creating innovative products, understanding customer needs and market trends is crucial. At NIMO, this is a fundamental principle that permeates the entire company. Patrik Storm, business manager at NIMO, shares insights into how the ideas for their products take shape.

- Our product manager has frequent dialogues with our customers, to constantly understand how our solutions meet the customer's needs and in what way we can support the overall solution that our customers market. We involve the customers in the process in various ways. For example, we can enter into a collaboration, in which case we conduct market analyses. Then develop a requirement description of the product and see what arguments and basis exist for this to become a commercially viable product that also meets the requirements and wishes of our customers. It is also about understanding what is happening in the outside world, which we do by participating in fairs, technology forums, and various customer events. In this way, we get ideas for new products that meet the demands of the future, explains Patrik.

The key to successful product ideas

Another part of the process is to be sensitive to market trends and to monitor changes regarding authority requirements.

- Yes, it is important that we take in, process, and analyze the input we receive and translate it into direct product features that may come in 4–5 years. By being proactive and anticipating the needs of the future, we can ensure that our products remain relevant and competitive in the market. It is good to have many different inputs, for example, working with researchers or experts to produce a product that the market demands. We work closely with our certification bodies, to test the products according to the standards that apply in the specific market in which the product is to be sold.

Innovation is not only about listening to customers' needs and keeping track of market trends. It's just as much about improving existing products' design, performance, and quality to ensure we remain a leader in our segment. Patrik also addresses the importance of finding new segments and sales channels to enable growth within Sweden and globally. One of NIMO's great strengths is its 80-year history of developing and manufacturing products with high performance and quality.

Increased focus on design

One of the latest innovations is a new product launching in May, an excellent example of NIMO's focus on ideas and concepts. With a dedicated attitude to drive innovation and a strong focus on turning ideas into concrete concepts, NIMO continues delivering products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

- With the new product, we have taken big steps in terms of design. It has a completely new expression both on the outside and on the inside, improved user-friendliness, more modern expression, and a completely new functionality. Our ambition is to exceed the customer's expectations and make a real contribution to society by offering functionality that makes textile care more sustainable. I think we have achieved that in many ways in this product. Our professional products are leading on the market in terms of performance and functionality. We at NIMO are very proud that our products have an important place in our customers' total solution, and that we create value for our customers and the user.

Ultimately, the vision and our joint power to implement activities will ensure that NIMO consolidates and further strengthens its market-leading position in current and future segments.

- A big advantage is that we have all the functions in-house. Our modern manufacturing facility gives us unique strength and flexibility, which allows us to keep costs down and greatly influence them. It is an important factor that makes us competitive.

More climate-smart products

With a clear commitment to sustainability and high ambitions, NIMO positions itself as a driving force both in the Swedish market and internationally.

- Using our drying cabinets is a gentle way to dry textiles, which makes the lifespan of the textiles longer. This means that the potential for our products is enormous, and it is something that I am proud to be a part of, says Patrik.

With a clear plan of action and a firm conviction to make the necessary investments to drive the business forward, NIMO continues to shape the future of the drying cabinet industry and deliver products that meet both customer needs and global sustainability goals.

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