Innovation and technological advancements as NIMO launches new product

NIMO's latest innovation and newest product, the Alizé Steaming Cabinet, has now been launched. This steaming cabinet, primarily designed for professional use, aims to simplify tasks in retail as well as for hotel, conference, and cabin staff.

- The Alizé will save both time and financial resources in clothing stores, as staff can hang many garments in the cabinet instead of steaming them one by one. We have identified a significant need for this as the task of steaming is very time-consuming but also extremely important. Another customer segment where we have identified a need is what we call "professional." For example, if you have work clothes, you might work at a hotel reception. The work clothes may not get dirty often but need refreshing. In this case, Alizé works perfectly and also saves both money and the environment by avoiding dry cleaning, says Patrik Storm, Global Business Manager at NIMO.


The steaming cabinet effectively helps reduce odors and smooth out wrinkles and also features a sanitize function classified according to LOG, which means a reduction of up to 99.9999999% of bacteria and other pathogens that can cause infections.
Alizé also boasts several environmental benefits. For instance, it uses the refrigerant R290, which has a very low global warming impact and no ozone depletion potential, making it an environmentally friendly option.

For NIMO, taking a bold approach to innovation and thinking new is a natural part of moving forward. However, NIMO has not completely abandoned its original product. Among the programs in the Alizé Steaming Cabinet, there is also a classic drying program for those who need to dry their clothes.

- The drying function operates in a closed system where hot air is pushed in through channels and expelled through outlets in the back of the cabinet, says Torgny Karlsson, Head of Design & Innovation at NIMO.

The cabinet will begin production in Q3 2024, and interest in its features is already high. Learn more about Alizé (page available in Swedish).