The market for Swedish drying cabinets is growing internationally – Nimo focuses on increasing exports

Nimo's drying cabinets with heat pump technology are already in demand in countries such as the US, China, South Korea and Australia. As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of drying cabinets, Nimo's goal is to continue to expand and further strengthen its position in the global market.

“In general, we see an increased international demand for our technology and products, which places demands on us as suppliers,” says Rickard Hallberg, International Key Account Manager at Nimo.

Nimo's drying cabinets with proprietary heat pump technology are developed and manufactured in Sweden and sold worldwide under both world-renowned and local brands. With benefits such as low energy consumption and gentle handling of textiles, international interest in drying cabinets has continued to grow over the years.

– Awareness of issues related to textile care and energy consumption is growing in the world, which has led many people to look for alternatives on the market. This has led to more people taking an interest in our products and technology.

Meanwhile, there are also challenges in informing foreign markets about drying cabinets and their benefits, as the product is not as well known as in Sweden.

– Drying cabinets have a clear place in Swedish culture. It is used in many households, in schools, nurseries and in various housing associations. It is less common internationally, which is a shame as many people could benefit greatly from the versatility of the drying cabinet. In Norway, for example, where many people spend time in their 'cabins', drying cabinets would be a good solution for drying clothes quickly and energy efficiently after a long day in the mountains.

However, one country where drying cabinets have become very popular over the years is South Korea. Residences tend to be small and a lot has to be fitted into a small apartment. In many apartments, laundry is hung out on balconies, exposing freshly washed clothes to polluted particles in the air.

– For example, many people think that a sheet dried outdoors will be clean, but in fact it attracts the exhaust gases and particles in the air, especially in densely populated cities with a lot of traffic. In Sweden and many other European countries, the problem is rather that hang-dried laundry attracts pollen, which drying cabinets effectively prevent.

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With growing international interest, Nimo aims gradually to expand its operations, both in terms of competing on the global market and increasing production capacity.

“Our goal is to grow continuously while ensuring that we continue to deliver the highest quality products. That is why we are constantly looking for new ways to make production more efficient, from assembly lines and optimised factory logistics to investing in new technologies to increase capacity. We have several exciting international agreements underway and look forward to continuing to introduce Nimo's successful heat pump technology and our products to the world,” says Rickard Hallberg.

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