Laboratory technician Gustav

Gustav Bertilsson is the former travel engineer who started working as a laboratory technician at NIMO five years ago. At the company, he works creatively and freely, testing the products that NIMO develops.
“On my way to work, I look forward to today’s challenges. I often have to come up with my own solutions for how to test the drying cabinets,” says Gustav Bertilsson, laboratory technician at NIMO.

On a normal day when Gustav comes to work, several product tests are already underway, with many tests having run overnight.

“I work with prototypes of drying cabinets in the lab. Among other things, I expose the drying cabinets to different types of loads to see how they react,” says Gustav.

Unique in Sweden
Because Gustav tests all products that NIMO manufactures, he’s involved all the way from the prototype to the product going to market.
“The most enjoyable part of my job is that I get to be involved from the beginning, when we develop products. It’s also nice that NIMO still does all its development and manufacturing here in Hova. There aren’t that many other companies that have their entire operations in Sweden,” says Gustav.

Collaboration is important
In his role as a lab technician, Gustav often collaborates with other employees at NIMO. He appreciates discussing thoughts and ideas with his colleagues.
“I can be contacted by colleagues who’d like me to test different things, such as shoe racks or fluff filters. It could be the Production or Design department that contacts me, for example. I enjoy the collaborations and end up getting involved in almost everything that’s happening in the company.”

Name: Gustav Bertilsson
Age: 40
Resides in: Torpa, just outside Hova
Title: Lab Technician
Family: Girlfriend
Worked at NIMO since: 2017
Background: Field Installation Technician