Questions and Answers

Here you will find answers to some common questions. If you cannot find the information you are looking for or if you want to know more about the products, please contact us.

Private individual:
As a first resort, contact the retailer from whom you bought the product. Of course, you are always welcome to contact us if you need further assistance, in which case please call our service department at tel: 0506-599 855. 

You can find all of our dealers here. We also have a showroom at our facility in Hova and Makajo (Brännkyrkagatan 82, Stockholm). Please note that only selected products and varieties are available at these sites, not our entire range. Please contact us or one of our dealers for support and guidance. 

NIMO does not sell directly to private individuals, except for the sale of spare parts. As a private person, you can buy NIMOS products through our retailers.

Both companies and private individuals can order spare parts from us. If you cannot find the right parts in our parts lists, we will help you by e-mail or phone.

On the website, you will find documents such as user and installation manuals. If you cannot find what you need, you can always contact our support.