In the world of textiles

At NIMO, we have our roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry. The products we build and sell are designed to maintain strength and longevity in your textiles. This in turn contributes to protecting our environment and how our consumption affects our society. We want to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future

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Discover the benefits with a drying cabinet

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Drying cabinet

Hooray for the drying cabinet

There are many ways to dry wet clothes, but only one product dries everything.


Washbasins since 1961

The laundry room is the land where clothes are king. At NIMO, we have developed and built washbasins since 1961.

Ironing & Mangling

Iron nicely

Is it possible to give a useful product a beautiful appearance? Obvious! The solution is a wall-mounted ironing cabinet.

Make things easier

For every day use

For us, it's not about a drying cabinet, a washbasin or a laundry sink. We want our products to make it easier for you, in your everyday life. Every day. That is the goal and purpose of our existence.

Our products


The Mountain Cabin Project - Where the Drying Cabinet finds its natural place

Earlier this year, NIMO met Anders and Emelie Bosson, who were actively completing their mountain cabin near Fulufjället National Park in Dalarna. Now, over six months later, the family has settled in and is more than satisfied with their investment in a drying cabinet from NIMO. -For us, the drying cabinet is like a practical wardrobe to store and dry clothes after a day in the mountains, says Emelie Bosson.

The market for Swedish drying cabinets is growing internationally – Nimo focuses on increasing exports

Nimo's drying cabinets with heat pump technology are already in demand in countries such as the US, China, South Korea and Australia. As a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of drying cabinets, Nimo's goal is to continue to expand and further strengthen its position in the global market. “In general, we see an increased international demand for our technology and products, which places demands on us as suppliers,” says Rickard Hallberg, International Key Account Manager at Nimo.

Nimo’s CEO on drying cabinets, new products and the future: "I believe in the company even more today"

Six months have passed since Per Fjaestad took over as the new CEO of Nimo. He views the company’s future even more positively now as new product launches, international changes and increased focus on sustainability are making Nimo’s products particularly well-suited to current times. “The more we talk to customers, the more we realise that the time for drying cabinets is now. I know that Nimo can become even bigger and grow beyond our Nordic borders,” says Per Fjaestad.