In the world of textiles

At NIMO, we have our roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry. The products we build and sell are designed to maintain strength and longevity in your textiles. This in turn contributes to protecting our environment and how our consumption affects our society. We want to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future

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Discover the benefits with a drying cabinet

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Drying cabinet

Hooray for the drying cabinet

There are many ways to dry wet clothes, but only one product dries everything.


Washbasins since 1961

The laundry room is the land where clothes are king. At NIMO, we have developed and built washbasins since 1961.

Ironing & Mangling

Iron nicely

Is it possible to give a useful product a beautiful appearance? Obvious! The solution is a wall-mounted ironing cabinet.

Make things easier

For every day use

For us, it's not about a drying cabinet, a washbasin or a laundry sink. We want our products to make it easier for you, in your everyday life. Every day. That is the goal and purpose of our existence.

Our products


A launch event perfectly aligned with NIMO’s strategy

Last Thursday, NIMO celebrated the launch of its latest innovation and newest product - the Alizé Steaming Cabinet. The launch was marked by an exclusive event at Makajo in Stockholm for specially invited guests.

Innovation and technological advancements as NIMO launches new product

NIMO's latest innovation and newest product, the Alizé Steaming Cabinet, has now been launched. This steaming cabinet, primarily designed for professional use, aims to simplify tasks in retail as well as for hotel, conference, and cabin staff.

NIMO celebrates 80 years of innovation

From its humble beginnings in Jönköping, Sweden, in 1944, NIMO has grown into a global player with a strong presence in the international market, with products known for their high quality, durability, and energy efficiency. NIMO's 80th anniversary is a major milestone, marking decades of pioneering work in textile care and drying cabinets.