In the world of textiles

At NIMO, we have our roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry. The products we build and sell are designed to maintain strength and longevity in your textiles. This in turn contributes to protecting our environment and how our consumption affects our society. We want to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future

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Discover the benefits with a drying cabinet

Discover our products

Drying cabinet

Hooray for the drying cabinet

There are many ways to dry wet clothes, but only one product dries everything.


Washbasins since 1961

The laundry room is the land where clothes are king. At NIMO, we have developed and built washbasins since 1961.

Ironing & Mangling

Iron nicely

Is it possible to give a useful product a beautiful appearance? Obvious! The solution is a wall-mounted ironing cabinet.

For every day use

For every day use

For us, it's not about a drying cabinet, a washbasin or a laundry sink. We want our products to make it easier for you, in your everyday life. Every day. That is the goal and purpose of our existence.

Our products


The drying cabinet can inactivate viruses

The classic drying cabinet now adds a feature that could benefit preschools and other businesses. According to a study conducted by RISE, on behalf of NIMO, it was established that with proper handling, both the common norovirus (winter vomiting disease) and Sars-CoV-2 (Corona) are inactivated by the heat in NIMO’s Easy Dryer 1900 drying cabinet.  “We’ve always known that high temperatures are necessary for re-impregnating different materials and that heat can also remove a degree of dirt from clothes. The drying cabinet wasn’t intended to remove viruses, but it’s a great added value,” says NIMO’s CEO Karin Kruse.

Inauguration of Sweden’s most modern Eco-house

NIMO’s energy-efficient drying cabinet, Eco Dryer 2.0, forms a natural part of the laundry room in Sweden’s most modern eco-house. The house is located in Vallentuna, just outside of Stockholm, and will be inaugurated on 18 June. Eco Now House made use of an existing house built in 1964, and gave it a complete makeover to become Sweden’s most modern eco-house. Once the house is ready, it’ll be available for visits, screenings and showrooms for a period of two years. “We were part of the Hallström family’s previous eco-project, and would obviously want to be involved and provide support with our environmentally friendly drying cabinet for an initiative as good and sustainable as this,” says Maria Falk Jonsson, salesperson at Nimo.

Six months in – here’s the wrap on how Nimo’s new R&D department is doing

At the beginning of the year, NIMO invested in a whole new R&D department. They would focus on sustainable product development, design and innovation in order to maintain and strengthen NIMO’s market leading position. In February, Tobias Strålman was appointed to lead this exciting development and its growing team of employees. “It’s been an exciting and very fun first half of the year. We’re a lovely group with positive energy who’s developing NIMO’s solutions for sustainable clothing care of the future,” says Tobias Strålman, Design and Innovation Lead, NIMO.