In the world of textiles

At NIMO, we have our roots in the Swedish manufacturing industry. The products we build and sell are designed to maintain strength and longevity in your textiles. This in turn contributes to protecting our environment and how our consumption affects our society. We want to be involved and contribute to a sustainable future

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Discover the benefits with a drying cabinet

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Drying cabinet

Hooray for the drying cabinet

There are many ways to dry wet clothes, but only one product dries everything.


Washbasins since 1961

The laundry room is the land where clothes are king. At NIMO, we have developed and built washbasins since 1961.

Ironing & Mangling

Iron nicely

Is it possible to give a useful product a beautiful appearance? Obvious! The solution is a wall-mounted ironing cabinet.

Make things easier

For every day use

For us, it's not about a drying cabinet, a washbasin or a laundry sink. We want our products to make it easier for you, in your everyday life. Every day. That is the goal and purpose of our existence.

Our products


Seven tips to help you get a pollen-free home with drying solutions from Nimo

The pollen season is upon us, which means a difficult time for many. Outdoor environments can present constant problems, and before we know it, pollen has spread into our homes. Fortunately, there are simple methods and solutions from Nimo that make life easier for people with pollen allergies. Here are seven tips on how to avoid pollen problems in the home.      

Drying cabinet minimises mites

Mites are all around us and may trigger allergies , which often cause increased respiratory problems . T he presence of mites can affect the immune system, causing viral and bacterial infections in asthmatics. To get rid of mites, simply washing clothes at 40 degrees is not enough. You need to wash at 55-60 degrees . So what do you do with delicate textiles? Wash energy-efficiently at 40 degrees and dry your clothes in a drying cabinet.    

Seven tips for better textile care to increase the life of clothes 

T he clothing industry accounts for a total of four to eight percent of global climate impact. That can be compared to air traffic, which accounts for between two and three percent. By preserving the quality and extending the lifecycle of clothes, sustainable clothing can contribute to reducing climate impact . Nimo is therefore delighted to provide tips on how to look after your clothes and textiles simply and effectively.