Circular economy – why the drying cabinet contributes

What exactly is a circular economy? Well – instead of making, buying, using and then throwing things away, a circular economy aims to make the most of what’s been made for as long as possible instead of just producing new stuff. This means, among other things, that it’s important to build machines that can be repaired and parts replaced. This allows many years of use of the same drying cabinet.

Easy to repair

The electronics in Nimo cupboards consist of a stand-alone unit that can be easily disassembled, which allows for easy replacements and repairs, without damaging the drying cabinet itself. This means that we don’t have to discard a product simply because it has a defective part or function, but can troubleshoot the cause and fix it and then put the device back into circulation.

Short stoppage times

If a machine stops, the “black box” can easily be replaced with a working one. The unit that’s stopped for some reason gets examined by our service department and then repaired and used the next time another drying cabinet stops working. This helps us to ensure that we get as much usage time as possible from our devices and, by doing so, save on environmental resources.

The global goals

Goal 12: sustainable consumption and production, addresses the importance of taking care of our natural resources and using manufactured products for as long as possible. The more years a drying cabinet is used, the more its climate impact from manufacturing is reduced per year.