Josefine, new finance manager

The number of new acquisitions continues to grow. Nimo’s organisation has now been further strengthened by Josefine Nordström taking on the role of Finance Manager.

What does the role of a finance manager entail?
“It includes you sitting with day-to-day work around finances - everything from interpreting supplier invoices to managing payments and bookkeeping. One has to do reconciliations and declare VAT on a monthly basis. Annual closing work is done.”

How did it come about that you applied to Nimo?
“I was looking for new challenges and Nimo seemed like a stable company to work for and in which I could develop. I also hope, of course, that I can come up with new ideas and take Nimo even more into the digital future. It’s a nice journey, to be quite honest.”

What sort of background do you have?
“I’ve worked at an accounting firm for a few years, after having come there straight from school.”

How has your first while at Nimo been?
“It feels great with all the colleagues, even if I haven’t learned everyone’s names yet. Right now, I’ve been sitting and studying the workflow and system most of the time. I’m having to do quite a bit of cramming, but that’s always the case when you’re new to the job. In any case, it feels great to be here!”