Drying cabinet minimises mites

Mites are all around us and may trigger allergies, which often cause increased respiratory problems. The presence of mites can affect the immune system, causing viral and bacterial infections in asthmatics. To get rid of mites, simply washing clothes at 40 degrees is not enough. You need to wash at 55-60 degrees. So what do you do with delicate textiles? Wash energy-efficiently at 40 degrees and dry your clothes in a drying cabinet.  

Mites are small spider-like organisms, often less than 1 mm long. They thrive in damp, dark environments, especially around 20-25 degrees, but cannot survive in light, dry conditions. Mites in textiles can be a major problem for people with allergies or asthma, as they can trigger allergic reactions and worsen asthma symptoms. It’s the dust caused by mites shedding that’s actually allergic, and reducing the population of mites in your home has great benefits.  

A drying cabinet is an effective solution to reducing mites. When clothes and textiles are dried in a cabinet, the moisture needed by mites to survive is eliminated and they simply die of dehydration, combined with higher temperatures. 


One of the biggest advantages of drying cabinets is that they dry clothes and textiles quickly and efficiently. Drying in a drying cabinet minimises the amount of time clothes are damp, which in turn reduces the risk of mites multiplying. What’s more, drying cabinets may offer temperature settings that are less favourable to mites than when drying at room temperature. 

Another advantage of using them is that they often have filtration systems that can help catch and remove mites and allergens from the air. That reduces the risk of particles spreading around the home and coming into contact with people with an allergy to mites or asthma. 

Do you have allergies? Do not dry clothes outside 

For people with asthma or mite allergies, it’s also important to avoid drying clothes outdoors, especially in damp and hot weather conditions. The outdoor environment may be ideal for mites to survive and multiply in, and they spread with the clothes when dry laundry is taken in.  

Five tips for minimising mites at home:  

  1. Wash pillows, sheets and bedding regularly. 40 degrees is enough - if using a drying cabinet! Otherwise, wash at 60 degrees.  
  2. Dust using a damp cloth instead of a dry one - and hang the cloth to dry in a bright environment to eliminate mites 
  3. Hang or lay out carpets, sofa cushions and other home textiles in minus degrees whenever possible 
  4. Shake your bedding often and making the bed as soon as you get out of it in the morning 
  5. Check that indoor relative humidity is not above 45 percent 

In addition to reducing the mite population and allergen exposure, the warm air in drying cabinets helps kill bacteria and fungal spores that may be present on clothing, something especially important for people with sensitive skin or allergies. Drying cabinets also reduce the risk of clothes getting mouldy or smelly, as the moisture is removed quickly and effectively. That means fresher, cleaner clothes and textiles, fragrant and almost completely mite-free. 

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