The Mountain Cabin Project - Where the Drying Cabinet finds its natural place

Earlier this year, NIMO met Anders and Emelie Bosson, who were actively completing their mountain cabin near Fulufjället National Park in Dalarna. Now, over six months later, the family has settled in and is more than satisfied with their investment in a drying cabinet from NIMO.

-For us, the drying cabinet is like a practical wardrobe to store and dry clothes after a day in the mountains, says Emelie Bosson.

Many dream of a cabin in the mountains with a fireplace, sauna, and a substantial layer of snow outside the door. Anders and Emelie Bosson took matters into their own hands. At their latest meeting with NIMO, they shared that the pandemic became the catalyst to realize the dream of a mountain cabin.

-We have fallen in love with the mountains, mainly mountain hiking. We also have two teenagers who are passionate about skiing, so the idea is that the mountain cabin is a place where we can gather and use year-round, explained Anders Bosson.

The Drying Cabinet - Both a Drying Solution and Clothing Storage

As naturally as the cabin has become a familiar gathering place, the NIMO cabinet has found its place in the family's hallway. The drying cabinet is used daily to quickly dry clothes. But it is also used for temporary clothing storage between mountain trips.

-It is a very practical solution for anyone who likes to be out in nature, says Emelie Bosson.

– The clothes always get a bit damp after a day in the mountains, even when it's not raining or snowing, so it's convenient to hang everything in the drying cabinet, agrees Anders.


The family, who has already celebrated Midsummer and spent the children's autumn break in the cabin, is currently busy planning for the next visit. Anders and Emelie see the fact that the mountain cabin has already become an essential gathering place for quality time with family, relatives, and friends as the biggest advantage.

– Our teenage children have already started asking if they can bring some friends to the cabin, which we find very enjoyable. Especially during holidays, the cabin plays a central role, and now we are planning for the next trip, which will be during the New Year's weekend. Hopefully, the drying cabinet will be in full swing then too, says Emelie..


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