NIMO's drying cabinets - a sustainable alternative for modern companies and institutions

NIMO's drying cabinets meet many businesses' and industries' unique needs. By talking to experienced preschool educators, we see the central role that drying cabinets play in their daily work. For NIMO, it is crucial to develop user-friendly products - optimized to fit specific routines.

Carina, preschool teacher with over 20 years of experience, emphasizes the importance of effective drying solutions:

- The drying cabinet is important for us preschool teachers. Drying the children's clothes quickly and efficiently is crucial for us. The faster the clothes dry, the more time the children can spend outside.

Especially in winter, the drying cabinets are crucial for the preschool activities to flow. For the children to be able to play outside as much as possible, the clothes must dry quickly, including the teachers' outer clothing. The capacity of the preschools is often under-dimensioned, which leads to the drying cabinets being packed full.

- There is a big difference between summer and winter season. In the winter, we would have needed extra drying cabinets. Winter clothes are more bulky and the weather is often wetter.

The need for efficient drying solutions is obvious, though many companies and institutions lack knowledge of modern and energy-efficient alternatives. NIMO offers several climate-smart products, for example, the Eco Dryer – the market's most efficient, quiet, and energy-efficient drying cabinet that saves up to 65 percent energy compared to a traditional drying cabinet with a timer. The Sensor Dryer, which uses sensor technology, can save up to 85 percent of energy with the ECO+ program compared to traditional drying cabinets.

Huge savings potential

By switching from traditional exhaust air drying cabinets to NIMO's heat pump drying cabinets, companies, and institutions can save a lot of resources. If, for example, a municipality with approximately 6,000 drying cabinets used on an average of 8 hours per day, 240 days per year, were to change from traditional exhaust air cabinets (consumption 2 Kwh) to modern heat pump drying cabinets (1 Kwh), the saving in electricity consumption would be over SEK 17 million per year.

Despite the importance of drying cabinets, educators often lack influence when purchasing new drying solutions. Mia, a preschool teacher with 26 years of experience, shares her frustration:

- It's a shame. If the staff had been more involved in the purchase process of the drying cabinets, the knowledge would have been better, and the use of the cabinets would be more efficient. My experience is that the pedagogues are hardly allowed to participate. Possibly the protection representatives can make requests.

Cathrine, who worked for 25 years in municipal preschool operations, agrees:

- It would have been fantastic if our drying cabinets had the lowest energy consumption.

Choose sustainability

NIMO strives to offer efficient drying cabinets that fit perfectly into the business or home's daily routines and contribute to a more sustainable future. Take the next step towards a more climate-smart everyday life with NIMO's drying cabinets.