A launch event perfectly aligned with NIMO’s strategy

Last Thursday, NIMO celebrated the launch of its latest innovation and newest product - the Alizé Steaming Cabinet. The launch was marked by an exclusive event at Makajo in Stockholm for specially invited guests.

The launch event was not only significant for the product, but also for NIMO as a company.

- We see this new product as a step on the road to a future where sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. At NIMO, we are committed to continuing to develop products that simplify everyday life and contribute to sustainable development. Our future plans include more innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve and meet future needs in different parts of the world, says Per Fjaestad, CEO of NIMO.

During the event, NIMO also presented its new naming strategy. A strategy for easily and systematically naming both past and future products. Over the coming years, the names of existing products will be changed based on their primary function. Drying cabinets, for example, will be named after winds and laundry benches after water.

The name of the steaming cabinet Alizé comes from a warm, humid wind. Inspired by this, the event had a Caribbean theme, as the wind originates there. Guests were treated to Caribbean food, chocolate and rum tasting. Among those present were representatives from Miele, Electrolux Home, Ahlsell, Stockholm City Mission and PODAB.

- We are already looking forward to launching the next product. We definitely want to do an event like this again, says Johanna Wallentin, Communications Manager at NIMO.