Erik Eklund is the new production manager at Nimo: "I am impressed by the good spirit that exists at Nimo”

Erik Eklund started as Production Manager at NIMO in March 2022 and already feels at home.
- I have was welcomed and have established good contact with colleagues. I am impressed by the good spirit and knowledge that exists in the company, says Erik Eklund, Production Manager at NIMO.

Erik comes from a position as site manager at the boat manufacturer Nimbus and has a broad technical background from previous positions in design, marketing and as a mechanical engineer. Consumer product development is something Erik is familiar with, he has worked with cars at Volvo, faucets at Gustavsberg and refrigerators and freezers at Electrolux.
- I like working with consumer products, it's fun to talk to people about how their home environment works and what they think of the drying cabinet and sink they have in the laundry room.
In his position as Production Manager at NIMO, Erik is responsible for ensuring that products are produced in the right quantity, with the right quality and on time. He is also responsible for developing the production itself to be even more efficient, flexible and modern.
- A big part of my job is to create the conditions for other people during the production and to help them evolve. I want everyone to dare to try things in order to grow in their roles and feel pride when developing NIMOS products. It is important that everyone feel involved. We are working together towards the same goals and everyone contributes to a good working environment.
One of our goals is to further develop production to become even more predictable and stable. An important part is to raise awareness of the company's management system. New products should also be able to start production smoothly in the same factory environment.
- I want to work towards modernising production on all levels. It should be noticeable that NIMO cares about the employees who work here, the products we produce and the customers who use the products, says Erik.

Erik, what is the best thing about NIMO?
- The people! NIMO is a reasonably large company and I like it that way. All the functions of the company are in one place. But everything has room for improvement, so I now want to prepare for the future, create clarity for the employees and contribute to an even more modern and safe working environment in the factory.