Welcome to Nimo, Jimmy

Nimo's ambition for increased growth continues. Now the organisation can welcome Jimmy Karlsson as a new Inside Sales Representative with a focus on customer relations and service.

What does the role of an Inside Sales Representative entail
“In my capacity as an Inside Sales Representative, I have daily contact with our customers. I take orders, help them with questions and do my best to maintain a good relationship and a high level of service. I also take care of certain financial tasks, such as invoicing.”

How did it come about that you applied to Nimo?
“In connection with my studies, I was looking for a company where I could do my internship. By chance, I happened to come in contact with Nimo, who took care of me for 15 weeks, something I’m very grateful for. When my predecessor decided to move on to other challenges, I was asked if I was interested in the position. I received a really good impression of the company during my internship. There’s a lot of knowledge and experience at Nimo, and there’s also a great drive to develop as a company. Ambitions are high and there’s a sense that you have to work hard to get ahead.”

How has your first while at Nimo been?
“My first while at Nimo has felt good. Due to my internship, I had a pretty good sense of what to expect. The first month I walked next to my predecessor, who really gave me a valuable first month, during which I tried to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I feel like I’ve settled really well into my job now, although I’m still learning new things every day.”

What background do you have?
“I live in Färed, just outside Mariestad. When I’m not working, my interest in motorsports takes up most of my time. Our family’s always been interested in cars, and I actively compete in Crosskart.”

In terms of work, I basically have an automotive qualification, and drove a truck after high school. After that, I applied to Jönköping University, where I studied for two years until gaining my degree last spring. At Jönköping, I studied a broad stream called Value-Creating Logistics. Among other things, we studied about transportation and production logistics, business economics, purchasing, sales and much more.