Ditec's experience with NIMO's drying cabinet ECO Dryer - with function and design in focus

In a world where quality and efficiency are crucial, it is important to choose the right equipment. For Christoffer Persson, responsible at Ditec Car Care Center in Lidköping, this is nothing new. Since 2015, he has strived to deliver the best possible results in paint protection jobs. For Ditec, it's about more than just getting the job done. Quality is the key - and NIMO's drying cabinet delivers just that.

ECO Dryer is the market's most energy-efficient drying cabinet. It consumes up to 65 percent less energy than a traditional drying cabinet, and it dehumidifies textiles using heat pump technology in a closed system, which means you don't need to connect the cabinet to exhaust ventilation or drains. Christoffer explains that they first considered getting a tumble dryer to dry all the center's microfiber cloths, but that option didn't meet their requirements and caused too much wear and tear on the cloths, so the ECO Dryer was a welcome change.

- The advantage of the ECO dryer is that it is faster to dry the clothes, and they don't have to hang out to dry for a whole day. We have been satisfied with that. It was a simple solution. We like quality, which is also what Ditec stands for, Christoffer says.

Efficiency and aesthetics

According to Christoffer, the best thing about the ECO Dryer is the efficiency, design, solid feel, and heat pump technology in a closed system. The residual moisture leads to a container in the cabinet, so no exhaust ventilation is required. Since the laundry hangs in a closed system, there is no risk of dust particles or the like getting in and getting stuck in the microfiber cloths - which could affect the work at Ditec. The award-winning ECO Dryer is the market's most efficient, quiet, and energy-efficient drying cabinet that takes up little space - with 16 meters of hanging line on approximately one square meter of floor space.
- It is a good solution and a high-quality product. It is faster to dry, and the drying cabinet makes very little noise, says Christoffer.
He also emphasizes that NIMO drying cabinets are not only an investment in efficiency but also in aesthetics.
- I think it's nice, we have one in black. It's only a matter of time before you can choose a color, for example, if you want a cabinet at home. It's nice to look at.

Innovative features

With a drying cabinet, the drying time is much quicker. There is less wear and tear on the textiles, and the microfiber cloths that Ditec dries don't get static, as they can become in tumble dryers – so they last significantly longer, which saves time, money, and resources. Just as Ditec strives to be a leader in its field, NIMO wants to pave the way for a smoother, more efficient work environment with innovative solutions.

- The drying cabinets I have seen before have a function where you divert the hot air through a pipe or hose. This model of drying cabinet from NIMO does not have that, which is a great advantage and a convenient solution. I also like that it is quiet. It feels solid, and you can tell that it is high quality. The design is simple and beautiful, but the best thing is how they have solved the evacuation of hot air, combined with the fact that it runs quietly. That is a strong argument for choosing this cabinet.

Are you also looking for a tool to make your company's work processes easier and more sustainable? See NIMO's drying cabinets or contact us.