Drying cabinets or tumble dryers: Which option is best for drying clothes?

When it comes to drying clothes indoors, you have two main options: drying cabinets or tumble dryers. Both options have their pros and cons, but if you want a more energy-efficient option that is also extremely gentle on your clothes, a drying cabinet is an everyday hero with multiple benefits.

The gentlest of drying solutions - only the air circulates

Drying cabinets work by circulating hot air, thus allowing moisture to evaporate. Because drying cabinets use lower temperatures than dryers, they are much gentler on clothes and can help extend the life of your favourite garments. And drying cabinets are usually much more energy-efficient than tumble dryers, saving both money and the environment.

Drying cabinets are also more versatile than dryers. A drying cabinet allows you to dry everything from shirts and trousers to shoes and towels, some types of clothing should not be dried in a tumble dryer. You can even dry dirty outerwear in a drying cabinet.

Nimo's modern drying cabinets are energy efficient

Modern drying cabinets are designed to dry laundry and textiles in the most energy-efficient way possible, using less power than traditional dryers and with smart features such as sensor technology and automatic shut-off when the laundry is dry, which can save up to 85% energy.

Avoid moisture damage

Laundry hung in the living room or hallway releases moisture, which can cause moisture damage. The drying cabinet can be used for hang-drying even when not in operation, and you can use it to dry both clean and dirty textiles. Drying cabinets with heat pump technology are the most energy-efficient drying cabinets on the market. They also don’t require exhaust ventilation, but collect water and moisture in a container or release it into the drain. This allows it to be placed anywhere in the house.

Benefits of drying cabinets:

  • Drying laundry in a drying cabinet is energy-efficient
  • Laundry is dried gently, without wear and tear. Even delicate textiles can be dried in a drying cabinet
  • Both clean laundry and wet, dirty outerwear can be dried in a drying cabinet
  • Moisture and condensation are transported out through the ventilation system (or processed in a closed system if it is a heat pump dryer)
  • You can also hang-dry your laundry without switching on the drying cabinet
  • Clothes don't get wrinkled when hung in the cabinet

Drying cabinet or tumble dryer – an easy choice

So if you want a more gentle and energy-efficient option for drying your clothes, drying cabinets are a great choice. They take care of your clothes, electricity bills – and most importantly the environment. Simply put, a drying cabinet is the smart choice for everyday use. 


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