Why drying cabinets are a better choice than tumble dryers

An energy-efficient drying cabinet reduces energy consumption and you can hang-dry your laundry indoors with no wear and tear on the clothes. Drying the laundry with a tumble dryer, on the other hand, uses a lot of energy and causes wear and tear on clothes and textiles. And you can even dry dirty outerwear in a drying cabinet. The humid air is easily transported out through the house's existing ventilation, avoiding problems with moisture and condensation.


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Modern drying cabinets are energy-efficient
A common perception is that drying cabinets are not energy-efficient, but this is no longer true. Modern drying cabinets are designed to dry laundry in an energy-efficient way and are equipped with smart features to minimise electricity consumption. Drying your clothes in a drying cabinet is usually much more energy-efficient than in a tumble dryer.

Why a drying cabinet instead of a tumble dryer?
Drying laundry in a tumble dryer consumes unnecessary energy. Also, clothes and textiles wear out much faster if they are dried in a tumble dryer. Laundry dried in a drying cabinet lasts longer, and you can even use them to dry very delicate materials. And only drying cabinets dry everything – for example, you can hang wet and dirty outerwear in the drying cabinet. You can even leave your dry laundry in the drying cabinet. It won’t get wrinkled if you wait, as is the case if left in a tumble dryer.

A family's best friend
When children come home from pre-school, school or a day of outdoor play, their outerwear is often wet and dirty. Drying cabinets even dry dirty items, and once your outerwear is dry, you can easily brush off the dirt. This makes the drying cabinet a sustainable drying solution, as you don't have to wash your outerwear as often, which in turn means it retains its water-repellent properties for longer.

Drying cabinets, a versatile and sustainable choice
The tumble dryer is an everyday hero with many different benefits and far more uses than a dryer. You can dry all types of laundry in a drying cabinet, both clean and dirty. And you can use the drying cabinet for hang-drying, even when it’s switched off. The drying cabinet therefore serves as a smart aid in your daily laundry logistics.

Drying cabinets help your clothes last longer as clothes and textiles do not wear out during the drying process, and therefore last longer.

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Benefits of drying cabinets:
- Drying laundry in a drying cabinet is energy-efficient
- Laundry is dried gently, with no wear and tear
- Even sensitive textiles can be dried in a drying cabinet
- Both clean laundry and wet outerwear can be dried in a drying cabinet
- Moisture and condensation are transported out through the ventilation system
- You can even hang-dry the laundry without switching on the drying cabinet
- Clothes don't get wrinkled when left in the dryer

Different types of drying cabinets
There are several different types of drying cabinets to suit all manner of needs. There are drying cabinets based on exhaust air technology such as sensor dryers or timer dryers, and there are drying cabinets with heat pump technology that collect water and moisture in a container or release it into the drain. They all have different benefits.

Drying cabinets with sensor technology
Dryers with sensor technology have built-in sensors that automatically shut down the dryer when the laundry is dry. Compared to older, traditional drying cabinets controlled by timers, drying cabinets with sensor technology can save up to 85% energy.

Nimo's drying cabinet with sensor Best in test 2022 
Nimo's drying cabinet Sensor Dryer 1700 was voted Best in Test 2022 by Test.se. The Sensor Dryer 1700 dries the laundry quickly and gently. Thanks to the sensor technology, the drying cabinet switches off as soon as the laundry is dry, so that energy is not used unnecessarily.  

Drying cabinets with heat pump technology
Drying cabinets with heat pump technology are the most energy-efficient option. They are also the most efficient drying cabinet and a good choice for anyone who wants to invest for the future.

Nimo's Eco Dryer voted Best Premium 2022
Nimo's drying cabinet Eco Dryer with heat pump technology was named Best Premium by Hus.se in 2022 for drying "quickly, easily and energy efficiently".

Drying cabinet with timer
Modern drying cabinets can also be timer-controlled to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. These drying cabinets are real everyday heroes, drying laundry efficiently and sustainably.

Nimo's Easy Dryer selected among the best drying cabinets of 2022
The Easy Dryer 1900 Extreme came third when Bygghemma tested drying cabinets. This drying cabinet can be used energy efficiently. The drying time and power are easily controlled with a timer.

Dryer or dehumidifier?
If laundry is hung to dry indoors without any thought for the humidity it releases, it can result in condensation and moisture problems. A drying room dehumidifier takes care of the moisture, but doesn’t provide the same benefits as the drying cabinet. A modern drying cabinet becomes an integral part of the interior design and is equipped with smart, customised hangers to store the items to be dried.

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