Christian – new product developer at Nimo

Christian Bergman has a background as a university lecturer in product development, product design and 3D-CAD. Now he has started working at Nimo in the role of product developer.
“I'm really looking forward to putting my experience from academia into practice and making a concrete contribution to sustainable apparel care,” says Christian Bergman, new product developer at Nimo.

After his studies, Christian worked for 17 years in the academic world, mainly teaching at the University of Skövde. For the past four years he has worked at the Industrial Development Center, IDC, which is a development company for Skaraborg's industrial companies. There he held workshops and webinars for several companies on how to work with customer value, storytelling, product design and business models for a circular economy. Christian also ran Material ConneXion Skövde, an exhibition and database of innovative materials.
At Nimo, he will primarily work with product development, design and innovation of new products. There are already many projects in the pipeline as the Nimo development department is in a phase of change. Christian has a long list of projects to sink his teeth into and he looks forward to tackling them, both existing and new.

“Right now I'm developing a brand new product. What kind of product it is remains a secret, but I can reveal that we are currently conducting experiments to find the optimal coating for the new product.

Christian joined Nimo because during his time at IDC he worked with Karin Kruse, who is now CEO of Nimo. What attracted Christian to the Nimos development team was the opportunity to be part of an innovative team at a company with a strong sustainability mindset. However there is also a higher purpose: to be part of the development of the sustainable clothing care of the future.

“I look forward to contributing to the development of procedures and working methods for creating new modern products and, not least, to implementing the methods and theory I have brought with me from university – which has already begun to have an impact. It also feels very good that Nimo's development work has a higher purpose and it is valuable to be involved in the development that builds the sustainable clothing care of the future,” says Christian Bergman, product developer.

This is Christian
Title: Product developers.
Age: 43 years.
Resides in: Skultorp, outside Skövde